Friday, October 25, 2013

Exiled Awramba Times Editor going back to Ethiopia (+Video)

Dawit Kebede
Dawit Kebede
Awramba Times (Washington DC) – Dawit Kebede, editor -in- Chief of the Awramba Times website is going back home after two years of stay as a political asylee in the United States.
In an interview with political analyst Yared Tibebu, in Washington DC, Dawit officially announced his decision to end his political asylum and head back home tomorrow, October 25, 2013.
Editor Dawit iterated his assessment that good journalism cannot be done away from the homeland and going back to the roots is important. Responding to the questions whether recent disagreements with some diaspora based political ‘activists’ had any weight in his decision to go back to Ethiopia, Dawit insisted that his love for the profession and his inability to excel in the field given immigrant life is the only decisive factor in his decision to go back to Ethiopia. Please watch his interview below.

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